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"O" on cd 9/10? Print Version

Saira 11-20-07 09:44 AM

"O" on cd 9/10?
Surely I haven't ovulated already, right?

Last night, I had a very sharp sudden pinching in my right side exactly where my ovary is. In the past I've always associated this sensation with ovulation. I know that Dr.s claim you can not feel the exact moment of Ovulation, and I hope they are right, or this cycle is already down the drain. I've got an u/s and b/w in the morning which will be cd11. That's the latest I've gone without an u/s and I'm not feeling so good about it. I'm also starting to get that bloated feeling I get after my IUI's. Somebody please tell me this is too early for ovulation and I'm just being silly. BTw, I've also got a killer backache.

I guess tommorrow will tell for certain.

eds1999 11-20-07 03:58 PM

i've gotten O pain as early as days 9,10,11 with positive OPK's as early as day 11. Don't worry, you're body is probably just getting ready to O. Are you on stims? That can cause your ovaries to act up!

Saira 11-20-07 07:26 PM

Stims? Yep! Follistim. Lovely med that it is.

eds1999 11-20-07 08:03 PM

well there you go!

~babywanted~ 11-21-07 12:58 AM

There is no way to really know until the u/s. keeping :xfingers: that those follicles are still in there maturing. Let us know. :tup: I remember times panicking thinking I had for sure ovulated and then the u/s would show them all in their percolating. Our minds can play evil tricks on us.