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Need help keeping positive. Print Version

Saira 11-26-07 10:59 AM

Need help keeping positive.
So today was my 4th u/s and b/w this cycle. I can't remember how long I've been on meds, but it's been longer than it should be. I started at my 1st monitoring u/s with 2 large follies and 4 small ones. They kept me on the meds to try to get the small ones to grow larger. Well, that didn't work. In fact, as of today I have 1 good follie and the others seem to have stalled out. RE said he really expected to see 2-3 good follies on this dose and I'm responding in an unpredictable manner. He worries when we move to IVF that I may not respond well to the meds. Even with a good med response he expects at best a retrieval of 6-8 eggs on high dose meds, because of my low ovarian reserve. Of course he didn't use all those specific words, but that's my translation with just a touch of reading between the lines.

They're calling me later today with my b/w results and I'll likely go in for an IUI today, tommorrow, or the next day depending on b/w.

We haven't even had the IUI yet, and I'm ready to call this one a BFN. Sigh!! Why can't this be easier?

Oreo 11-26-07 11:20 AM



I'm sorry this is so hard! Don't count yourself out yet!!!


~babywanted~ 11-26-07 12:34 PM

It only takes one. It is SO easy to get discouraged while on the IF road. Remember, worry is never useful. We just have to re-focus our attention on what is useful. What helped me in those down times was to remember we were committed to having a family, we just weren't sure how that family would get created. A quote I picked up from a Buddhist monk that I used for my mantra, "When conditions are sufficient, your baby will arrive." kept me focused on our dream. :luck:

Saira 11-26-07 02:14 PM

Thanks ladies. I had to giggle at the buddhist monk quote, because I really do feel that way. I just wish I could figure out what I need to do to make conditions sufficient. :lol: Guess that's a bit against the whole budhist thing.

pajamas 11-26-07 02:55 PM

I seriously think someone is trying to teach me the virtue of patience. So far I'm not getting it.

We could all use a Buddhist monk, I think. Don't give up yet. Apparently everything happens for a reason.