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can anybody make sense of this? (x-post from TTCAL) Print Version

Saira 11-27-07 10:56 AM

can anybody make sense of this? (x-post from TTCAL)
I know this isn't about IVF, but I'm hoping you'll take a look anyway since you ladies are definately the injectables experts. Besides, I'll be joining you soon enough if these next two cycles don't work out.

So far my cycle has been like this
Cd1- Af shows (3 days early)
cd 2 -baseline u/s b/w
cd3-5 follistim 125
cd (6-15) -follistim 100
cd 16 -follistim 50

cd 17(today)- hcg trigger at 6:00
IUI tommorrow at 1:30

u/s on cd11 showed 2 follies(15,13) on left and 4 under 10 on rt.
u/s on cd13 showed 3 follies (17,15,12) on left, 3 under 12 on rt.
u/s on cd16 showed 2 follies (23,17) on left, 4 under 14 on rt.

cd 16 b/w - E2 was 259, P-.09 Lh-4.9 (no sign of a surge)

My doc is saying that I really only have 1 good follicle this cycle(the 23), because that 17 is cresent shaped and all squished up against the other. Something about it being hard to measure. Reguardless, he's not counting it.

Has anyone ever had or heard of an extended cycle like this? Can follies be too big? Also, does anyone have a clue about that half dose of follistim on cd 16, or why you'd do an IUI less than 36 hrs after a trigger? This is our 4th injectable cycle (9th IUI) , and very different from the others.