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Something on the lighter side Print Version

Saira 12-01-07 11:00 PM

Something on the lighter side
Forgive me,this board is sooooo slow and I think we all need some fluffy happy stuff. So here it goes:

What do you want for Christmas/ Hanukka (forgive my spelling)/Kwanza/Yule, etc.? You have to say something other than a baby. We all want that, and if I have any magic in me, I wish that gift upon us all.

My list:
makeup from Besame. I don't wear makeup often, but I love their line and the vintage containers are so cool.

Socks. Boring I know, but I need some that haven't been "blessed"

Patterns from Truly vistorian.

Bath Fizzies -love em and their cheap.

alpaca wool and a set of wool cards- I spin, odd huh?

$$- to do some much needed household repairs.

pajamas 12-02-07 10:07 PM

We had to buy a snowblower, so $$$ to put towards that would be good!
I collect the dvd seasons of Little House on the Prairie, and I'm missing a couple (and you thought your alpaca wool was odd)
We would like to re-paint our master bath, color is not working for me, so then I would need new towels...
And here I thought I didn't want anything (besides a baby) for Christmas.

Saira 12-02-07 11:27 PM

A snowblower seems almost surreal to me. I think last year we got 1/2 of snow that lasted only a matter of hours. Alll the kids who got out of school for a "snowday" rushed out to scape up what they could to build snowmen. I wish we'd get a real snow for once.

I like little house on the prarie, very nostalgic for me, but I do admit the hairstyles and costuming bug me a bit since I've gotten into historical costuming.

pajamas 12-03-07 01:40 PM

We are currently getting 20 -30 cm (10-15 inches) of snow and high winds. Definitely some snowmen in our future!

Saira 12-04-07 07:57 AM

:mope: It was in the 70's this weekend.