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taking a break to enjoy life Print Version

eds1999 12-14-07 08:46 PM

taking a break to enjoy life
well i'm officially taking a break from TTC. For the next few weeks/months/whatever i am going to....
-Have an alcoholic bevie or two
-Go sledding without worrying about being pg
-Not take my temperature every morning
-Not have to remember to take OPK poas to work and pee on them during my lunch break
-Forget about shots, pills and counting days
-Enjoy my christmas vacation (only 7 more days!)
-Have a great time with DH and be thankful that we get to spend quality time together
-Get the courage to ask for prayers for us to make the right decision for the path we'll take to have our future family.
-Be thankful that I can sleep and stay in bed as long as I want on the weekends :)
-Have a very Merry Christmas!


brandimichelle 12-14-07 08:58 PM

:clap: yay for you! enjoy yourself!

pajamas 12-15-07 09:21 PM

Have a wonderful, worry-free Christmas. We are considering doing the same.

~babywanted~ 12-16-07 12:35 AM

That is a brilliant idea! Good for you! :hugs:

Saira 12-16-07 02:03 PM

:hugs: That's looking at the brighter side. Looks like I'll be taking a break with you for at least a month, so feel free to PM me if you come up with some brilliant diversion that I must try. :)