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Oldie here with a happy update!!! Print Version

Scotnurse 12-20-07 08:11 PM

Oldie here with a happy update!!!
Hi all,

I posted here daily a few years ago while ttc with Diui, after 8 years of ttc BFPs and misscarriges we moved on to surrogacy with my amazing sister who offered to carry a baby for us.

Well today after 3 months of at home inseminations with frozen sperm from NW Andrology we got our BFP!!! We are very excited and cant believe it!!

Wnated to stop by here and let those who remember me know our good news!

Ruth x

TNBabyRN 12-20-07 10:41 PM

Yippee!! That is awesome news!! Please keep us updated as to how everything turns out!! :clap:

grama2ruth 12-21-07 12:13 AM

:clap: That's wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!

~J&Ty~ 12-21-07 08:15 AM

Congratulations! Have a healthy pregnancy.

:domesticgoddess: 12-21-07 03:31 PM

Absolutely FANTASTIC news!!!!! :dancing: I am so happy for you guys!!!!