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~J&Ty~ 01-14-08 09:32 AM

Few more days
Just a few more days and I will be going in for try # 1 for baby # 2!!!!!! I hope it's as easy as last time. Please keep your fingers crossed!

pajamas 01-14-08 10:25 AM

Hi Jill, I'm Cathy. We are also trying for # 2. It's been an uphill battle this time, but in a couple of weeks it will be our 5th try this time around. Unfortunately it's taken us over a year to get this far! I hope you have better luck than we've been having! There's not many around here right now, so I appreciate knowing someone's going through the same thing as me.

Good luck!

glinda 01-14-08 11:58 AM

Good Luck :xfingers:

~Kelli~ 01-14-08 12:26 PM


good luck Jill :grin:

:domesticgoddess: 01-15-08 04:08 PM

I hope it goes smoooooth as silk! GOOD LUCK! :bighug:

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