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Thinking about getting back on the wagon... Print Version

eds1999 01-20-08 12:06 PM

Thinking about getting back on the wagon...
Well this board has been busy! I'm not due for AF until Feb 1st. After a few months off, I think we're going to try again. The loss this summer was rough, and two failed cycles later, we were in even rougher shape! So with a new plan, different meds and monitoring, we're looking at this next try with hope. I"ll probaby be going in for an IUI sometime around Valentine's Day! (maybe sooner-short cycles...) So good luck to all of you hanging out here and i'll be asking for your prayers in a few weeks!

pajamas 01-20-08 06:41 PM

I hope this will be the one for you. Good luck!

Haylie 01-20-08 09:29 PM