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pajamas 01-22-08 12:04 PM

af/lining question
Hi ladies,

I just had a question about my lenght of my af. Before my DD, it usually lasted 5 days, and now it's about 3. When I went for my vaginal u/s on CD3, I think I heard the doctor say something about 6mm. Does that make sense? Is that a normal number, and should I be concerned about my short af?


~babywanted~ 01-22-08 02:55 PM

:huh: Not sure. Did you mention it to your doc? I'm sure he'd let you know, but I'd just ask if I was concerned. My AF changed after our son was born (came about 5 days earlier) and I was told that was normal. Not sure what the 6mm is related to though.

glinda 01-22-08 03:29 PM

I think 6 mm is slightly thick for cd 3. I think the thickness correlates to your shorter AF. Cycles can vary month to month. I don't think the short AF will cause a problem. If your luteal cycle started getting shorter then that would signal a problem.

Good Luck Cathy!

pajamas 01-22-08 04:00 PM

Af usually comes 13-14 dpo. I am on baby aspirin, maybe that affects it. I go again on cd 11 for another vag u/s, so I'll bring up my concerns then.
Thanks for the replies. Every little bit helps!

~J&Ty~ 01-23-08 07:47 AM

No idea! You better ask your doc. My cycle change a bit after my son was born, but them went right back to normal.