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pajamas 01-28-08 02:47 PM

cd 11 u/s
Well, I was sure I had lost an ovary since my last u/s! The dr. had his wand up there for way too long trying to find my left one! I had 3 good eggs, he said: 21, 17 and 16. I think he was hoping they'd be bigger. I give myself the needle tonight at midnight, then Wednesday at noon I have the IUI.

I asked about af only lasting 3 days now, and he said cycles change as we get older, and didn't seem to be concerned. And my lining was 8.4 or something close to that. I hope all this is good.

Dopey406 01-28-08 02:49 PM

Those seem like good size follies for cd 11. And lining is GREAT! :clap:

I hope this is it!!

~J&Ty~ 01-28-08 06:56 PM

I hope this is in too! Good luck! :fingerscrossed:

pajamas 01-29-08 08:00 AM

Thanks, guys.

Haylie 01-30-08 05:55 PM

Hope all went well with the IUI and you see a BFP this cycle!!