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mopo 01-28-08 05:55 PM

New here
My partner and I are getting ready to start the ICI process in March. She has PCOS and has been on metformin 3 months and this month will be her first month of clomid. We're tracking her cycles with bbt and opk. I'm hoping that next month when we get the sperm here we'll actually conceive!!

Jess (31) and Kathy (26)

~J&Ty~ 01-28-08 06:55 PM

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to try! How exciting!!!!
My name is Jill and I have one son concieved on the first try and am trying for #2. I am waiting to test. I will cross my fingers everything goes great for you!!!!

pajamas 01-29-08 08:07 AM

Welcome! I'm Cathy, and I have a 2 year old daughter, and we're trying for our second. I'm going for my IUI #5 tomorrow.

Good luck to you and your partner!

Haylie 01-30-08 05:59 PM

:welcome: I hope your stay here is a short one!! My sister has PCOS and metformin worked really well for her so :xfingers: your partner will respond well too!!

Good luck!

~babywanted~ 01-30-08 07:15 PM

:welcome: and :luck: