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eds1999 01-31-08 04:50 PM

cd11 or cd 12 u/s?
HI ladies.
Well this is it. Af day 1. I called my dr and have my clomid, hcg shot, and donor spec. ordered. this is the first time dr. is ordering a monitor u/s...

first they wanted to do it on day 13 or 14. the latest i've ever even gone in for an iui was day 14! so i called and am requesting either a cd 11 or cd 12 u/s. if i do that, they should be able to get me that shot and then the iui at a more appropriate time, don't you think?

the one cycle i got pg was hcg cd 12, iui cd 13.

and get this, just a while ago when i was on the phone, we were counting days wrong and they had me at cd 12 on feb 14th when i'm actually cd 12 on feb 11th! I had to call and leave a message...

ok...weird update. the phone just rang and that was the dr. whoops she said-doing a cd 12 u/s on monday feb 11th NOT on cd 14 on the 13th ...and all's good. AND she's doing a call report after the u/s if I need the shot that afternoon. well i feel better now. no need getting this cycle off to a worrisome start!

wish me luck! i might need to stay away to keep sane.

one more question-with all this extra stuff i'm doing, i dont' want to even bother with temp monitoring? what would you do? (to me, its one less thing to worry about!)

Dopey406 01-31-08 05:05 PM

Wow--I'm glad it's all worked out now.

If you'd rather not temp, don't. You need to do what helps you feel calm.

I am keeping my :xfingers: that everything goes your way this time and it's your last IUI!!! :luck:

pajamas 01-31-08 06:59 PM

I've never done temping, but I stopped doing the opks because of the monitoring from the clinic. Our u/s is always scheduled for cd11, and I guess if eggs weren't mature enough, we'd go the next day, but never have had to. At 11 pm on night of cd 11 dh gives me trigger shot, and 36 hours later on cd13 is when insemination is done. I really appreciate the monitoring and bloodwork (even though it's 2 hours away), but I've never really felt good about my timing with opks.
Hopefully this is the only month you'll have to go through this, and you'll get your bfp!!! Good luck!

eds1999 02-01-08 04:02 PM

i always wondered about opk's too!!

~babywanted~ 02-01-08 10:51 PM

:luck: I wouldn't temp, but I never really got into it much.