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charleslady2005 02-02-08 11:30 PM

question bout medication
The dr. gave me a cost list for the actual invetro procedure but the meds arent included, i was wondering what the average cost for all the medication/shots used thru the invetro process

glinda 02-11-08 10:25 PM

Meds for invitro run in the thousands. It really depends on your dosage. If your ovaries aren't difficult to stimulate you will be on a lower dosage of meds and the cost will be lower. You should find out if your health insurance covers fertility meds. It pretty much depends on what state you live in. The laws vary. If you do have to pay out of pocket for meds, I have found that Freedom Drug has the best prices. You can look at their site at

Good Luck

Mary-Ellen 03-03-08 10:07 PM

Hi there, here in Ontario the cost for the meds for an IVF cycle is about $3000 ..I think that is what we paid? I was lucky my insurance covered it all. I will check my receipts and let you know if I was off on my estimation...
hope that helps...

Faith_after_Journey 04-06-08 02:54 PM

My meds cost me about $2000 with no insurance coverage. Follistim was the most expensive.
I agree that is great.