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OMG!!! Read this article about IVF... Print Version

Tracey and Neil 02-15-08 11:53 AM

OMG!!! Read this article about IVF...


Naturally, I have posted a comment, hopefully it'll be added soon.

happe2day 02-15-08 11:59 AM

nice comment and your right!!! i agree with you 100%

glinda 02-15-08 02:17 PM

Was this your comment?

Posted by Tracey on February 15, 2008 10:42 AM
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This is ultimately weakening the gene pool. It is not nice to say, think or believe, but is undoubtedly true.

Wealth in the West gives us the luxury of indulging the "I want to feel pregnant" psycho babble. To deny that this doesnt weaken the gene pool because I am rich enough to afford it defies the simplest logic. Go and adopt, there are millions of kids out there who need good parents.

baby hungry 02-15-08 03:35 PM

Replied to this on the ttc 12 months or more board. But wanted to say I totally disagree with the article.

glinda 02-15-08 03:50 PM

I think this article is utterly ridiculous!