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eds1999 02-21-08 06:39 PM

1 yr @TBC
I just wanted to celebrate my one year anniversary here at the Baby Corner. In the past year, I've made a lot of friends, gone through a lot of IUI's an ectopic pg and tons of emotional stuff. I feel like I'm in a better place when I have people like you guys to talk to. I originally found this place when DH and first got started with the whole DIUI thing and we felt like we were the only ones going through it. So, a big hug and thanks to all of you who've been with me this past year! Here's to a positive future!

Haylie 02-21-08 09:45 PM

Erica, I hope that by your next anniversary you no longer need to post in the TTC area but in one of the parent forums or the Due In boards instead. :luck:

pajamas 02-22-08 07:52 AM

This place certainly helped us when we were feeling alone as well. Keep the faith, Erica, it happens.

eds1999 02-24-08 10:12 AM

I will certainly do that. Again, thanks!