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crazyanimallady 03-25-08 04:08 PM

when to insimintate?
Hello, I ordered our first round of donor sperm.. with a unexpected emergency this month I could not afford the 3 vials I was planning in getting, could just do 1 vial this month.. I am marked to ovulate next wed. so do I insimenate the day I show positive for ovulation or the day of ovulation???
only have 1 chance this month so want to get it as right as I can... thanks

Haylie 03-26-08 04:32 AM

I would say the day you get a + on your OPK but Tracy or Glinda would the ones who would know best.


~J&Ty~ 03-26-08 07:20 AM

Boy, it's so hard.....I did the day of a positive OPK and the day after. But I'm pretty sure it was the day after one that did it! Good luck!!!!!!

crazyanimallady 03-31-08 03:47 PM

I GOT A POSITIVE TODAY ON THE OVULATION TESTS !!!! so we will do our first donor insemination tomorrow morning !!! cross your fingers for me.. I am a nervous wreck, although i am trying real hard not to be !!:pray:

TNBabyRN 05-31-08 11:44 PM

I think you are doing the right thing waiting until the day after you ovulate to insem - that's how I got pg with #2. Good luck!