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2 insems and when? Print Version

eds1999 03-29-08 06:30 PM

2 insems and when?
We are considering switching donors again. And we've saved up enough money and we're going to do 2 insems this time. We've done it once before, but not ever when on meds. I've read both sides, yes 2 works better, no it doesn't matter (especially when doing the hcg shot).

SO if I do have 2 insems, should i do one the day of the shot and one the day after, or one the day after the shot and then the day following?

pajamas 04-07-08 08:49 AM

Ours was scheduled 36 hours after the shot. Depending on what time you get the shot, maybe you could split the differenc - one earlier, and one around the 36 hour mark?

Good luck!

eds1999 04-07-08 08:06 PM

thanks for the input. i am now going to see a fertility specialist at a clinic, so we probably won't be doing ANY insems for a while!