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natural IVF?? Print Version

eds1999 04-12-08 01:38 PM

natural IVF??
I've been doing some reading and came across a process referred to as natural cycle IVF, where they wait for you to mature 1-2 follies on your own or with clomid and they retrieve those eggs, fertilize, then return them to the uterus. This is opposed to the heavily medicated cycle and such.

Is this an ideal way to do IVF? Does it even exist anywhere? I've been researching IVF and the drugs and stuff sound scary!

Tracey and Neil 04-18-08 03:22 PM

It's in the news lots over here, it was actually how IVF used to be done and the first IVF baby ever born was through a natural cycle (she was born in 1978 in England!!). It appeals to me a lot as I respond really well to Clomid/Tamoxifen, oh and the main reason is I'm a needle phobic (seeking treatment!!) But I don't know anywhere that offers it.

The success rates per cycle are lower, only about 10-15% per cycle, but after 3 cycles the success rates are not far off regular IVF. The main advantage (apart from not injecting yourself with hormones each day) is that you can do them back-to-back (if there's no OHSS).

It's very interesting stuff, and I can see it being the preferred method in the future.