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TTC again...via donor insemination from a bank Print Version

dianiewill 09-29-08 10:19 AM

TTC again...via donor insemination from a bank
Ok well this is it, probably the last attempt I will make at getting pregnant. WIth the money and the time and the stress, we are beginning the other ways we know of experiencing parenthood again. We are going into parenting classes for our county's foster program beginning Wednesdays in October. We are really looking forward to that, and I am especially excited. Meanwhile, we will try one more last time to do the DI thing, this time at home. We have signed up with MidWest Sperm Bank and have chosen a donor and will have "the goods" mailed to us in a couple of days. The countdown to est ovulation time Oct 3rd or 4th has begun!
I am peeing on a stick every morning to look for any signs of ovulation, and I am eating right and seeing friends and having fun and generally trying to relax and enjoy myself during the process.
If anyone can offer tips, tricks, or how tos for getting preggers at home from a mailed and frozen sample, please message me! All prayers and/or happy thoughts & good vibes are welcomed.


Keepers 09-29-08 10:25 AM

I have no tips but I am sending you positive vibes~~~~~. Good luck with the foster program I hope it works out for you!

countrycutieluv 09-29-08 01:24 PM

I hope the best for you! I wish you the best in everything! :bighug:

Eskie 10-29-08 11:17 PM

Sorry no tips - we never tried at home.

Good luck

dianiewill 11-03-08 10:02 AM

Ok so it didnt work at home. My body decided randomly not to ovulate this month, so even though we thought we were fine, healthy and ready to conceive, its just not for us. We have decided to stop TTC. Its been a long decision, but it is probably for the best. I personally do not have a need to be pregnant to be a mom, and Im not overly enamored of my own DNA anyway (with things like diabetes and gloucoma, bad eyesight, etc in my family.) We have decided to continue the WONDERFUL foster/adoption classes we are doing through Macomb County Michigan, and are looking forward to assisting babies and kids in need in that way. We will be able to be parents to many folks that way, and maybe be a forever family to someone special eventually. We feel good about our decision. We wish everyone on the site lots of TTC success, and will be sending all the happy baby vibes your way! Thanks for all your help and support.