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martha 11-03-08 08:45 PM

First IVF cycle
I am going to start my first IVF cycle next month at Coopers IVF in Marlton NJ? Any idea how this facility is? How is the staff? Is there any advice in the light of your experience for making my first cycle successful?

countrycutieluv 11-04-08 10:12 AM

I don't have any experiance with IVF.I just wanted to wish you luck. I will keep you in my thoughts!

Tracey and Neil 11-04-08 01:27 PM

I'm from the UK, and so can't help either. But I would ask for an introductory visit (not a consultation), as to look around the place and get a feeling for it. You're gonna be spending a lot of time there over the next few weeks so it's very important you feel very comfortable there.

They have a website
but their success rates are not up to date.

There is some more info on the SART website here

In terms of what you can do to help your 1st cycle? Put you, and this cycle first. Not work, not chores, not socialising. You!

You'll be having a lot of drugs in your system, so the golden rules for the whole cycle are:
Carry on taking your pre-natals
Drink lots and lots of water or juice, about 2 quarts a day, this helps your liver and kidneys deal with the drugs, and can reduce the side effects.
No alcohol. No caffeine. No smoking, or being in smokey environments.

Other tips are:
Eliminate as much stress as possible
Rest as much as possible

Hints that were given to me before our IVF/ICSI cycle (which worked by the way, after 10 years TTC#1 our miracle is due to be with us in early July 09!):
During stimming:
Take Omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Co Enzyme Q10, Evening Primrose Oil
Our eggs are made of protein, so when you're doing this you need to be consuming lots of good quality protein, like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Also buy yourself some protein powder. Whey is best as it has the highest biological value of all natural proteins. I like Solgar's 'Whey to go', as you can mix it with milk and it doesn't taste bad at all.
At this stage you really should increase your fluid intake to 3 quarts a day, drink water, milk and fresh fruit juice. This will help you deal with the additional drugs, and also can help prevent OHSS (which your Doctor should tell you about).
You need to avoid aerobic exercise, eat Brazil nuts (a handful a day), and have a hot water bottle on your tum regularly.

During the IVF 2WW
Rest lots & keep drinking loads of water!
Stop take the Evening primrose oil and Co Enzyme Q10
Keep up the protein intake
Eat lots of red fruits and tomatoes
Keep eating the Brazils!
Don't use hot water bottle.

Most of these came from 'Fertility & Conception' by Zita West.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask! I am wishing you lots and lots of luck for your cycle!! Feel free to introduce yourself, and tell us a little about your journey so far!

ShellTTC#1 11-05-08 04:24 PM

1st IVF in Dec 08'
Welcome Martha, I'm new here too. It sounds like we will be going through our IVF cycles together. I'm hoping that we can share our experiences and bounce ideas off of each other.

Also, Thanks Tracey for the wonderful advice about the IVF cycle. I actually printed it out, and plan to use it this month. My RE says we are shooting for December, but I should be starting my meds very soon. Did you check with your doctor first before taking all of it? I just want to double check. I'm going to ask my RE about it at my next visit. Thanks again for the great info!!


martha 11-05-08 06:27 PM

hi, thanx for replying and giving such useful hints. Me and my DH were anxious for baby since our marriage in 2006. In the mid of 2007 we went to ob/gyn but she didnt find any problem.She told me to keep on trying for 6 more months.
then in the mid of 2nd year we visited the RE and he took the tests for me and my husband. everything was fine with me.he also took a sperm analysis of
my husband which showed a low count and motility.the only option we were given was ivf/icsi.both of us were very upset.
we knew that ivf would be our only hope to giving birth to a child which makes me so depressed and frustated.i cried lot that i cannot give a birth to a child naturally why this happened to me? everyone around me getting pregnant so easily and having their babies without any problem.i also a want a baby of my own but when???
i try to avoid my friends because they always talked about their babies and pregnancy, about which i cannot say anything, it makes me uncomfortable.

but my husband always support me.he says this is not the end oflife. he never loses the hope. and he always try to make happy and be positive.
now our ivf is going to be start in few days.

i m worried about the cycle, that what will happen
one more thing, the medications used in this procedure r painful or not?

once again thank you so much.
may GOD bless you and your family.

Me:23 yrs