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Help with all information about sperm donors Print Version

destany08 11-21-08 08:05 PM

Help with all information about sperm donors
Ive never met anyone and my biological clock is ticking. Ive wanted a baby for the longest time. Ive been interested in finding a sperm donor online. What all do I need to know??? Ive heard of doing insemination at home by yourself. Is there any sperm donors online who ship to your house? Or would it be better to let a doctor do it? About how much does it cost? Is there anything I can do to get my body ready?

Kayla 05-30-09 09:31 PM

Gosh, I used to spend a lot of time here for the exact same reasons you are here. It's so hard to get started, but this is where I got my answers. I do believe some banks will deliver to homes. I did not go that route. The first step is finding a doctor. Doctors may already have a set bank they work with. My doctor was non traditionalist and did me some favors in setting up inseminations. I did not go to a clinic, but some people in the office and the doctor came in whenever I needed.

I went through 5 cycles of IUI, then I tried some fertility medicine and continued for 3 more ICI cycles. I was inseminated 2 times/ cycle. IUI was less expensive. It's just the placement of the sperm. IUI is just inside the uterus, while ICI is inside the cervix. I had one possible early miscarriage and on the 8th try I got lucky. My handsome baby boy is now almost 6.

This is a really good place to be! Good luck. Glinda is a Goddess, and if Domestic Goddess/ Tracy is still around she is a saint!