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In the 2ww Print Version

Mary-Ellen 12-10-08 01:21 PM

In the 2ww
Hi there, :wave: Just wanted to say hi and post my update.
I'm in the 2 week wait. I had my FET on last Tuesday and it all went well. They transfered one 5 day embryo that had done well through the thawing process.

I test next Monday, I might go and Test on the Tuesday though because I am working Mon, but we will see.

I have been feeling pretty relaxed about it all. This is my 6th FET Cycle, so I'm used to it all now. It's usually the last week that is difficult for me. I'm hoping with all my busy christmas preparing, I won't be thinking about it too much. I do feel like my AF is coming though. Sore lower back, no energy and moody. Could all be due to the progesterone gel as well. Who knows. I will find out soon enough.

I will keep you all posted. How's everyone else doing?

:shamrock: Mary-Ellen :)

Mary-Ellen 12-17-08 10:52 PM

Well it worked! I got my beta results back on Tuesday and I am officially PG! I totally thought it was not going to work. I am kinda in shock still. I won't get too excited until I make it into my 2nd trimester. I have an ultrasound booked in the first week of Jan.
Hope everyone else is well!

countrycutieluv 12-17-08 10:55 PM

:clap: Congrats! I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months....sending you LOADS of Sticky Vibes

Celia_M 12-18-08 01:23 PM

Oh wow! Huge Congratulations Mary-Ellen!!! :grinjump: wishing you a smooth and happy 9mos! :D

MImom23 12-18-08 04:57 PM

Congrats, head over and keep tracey company on the due dat boards. :grin: