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pearlgirlulm 01-08-09 04:11 PM

I'm still here
I already posted this in the TTC board but I thought that I would post it here.

know I have not come around a lot but I have been checking on all of you. This month has been good and hard. I have literally
found out like 20 people that I know are pregnant :eek6:. At first it was hard but now every day I am finding out another person is pregnant, so it just is easier. And once again Congrats to eveyone. I am so happy for everyone.:nod2:

I had the sugery November 12, 2008 to remove my polyps. After that the doctor told me to wait until AF showed up and then we would start my IVF right away. So I waited and waited and I finally started my period on December 22, 2008. So I have been on BC for the past 2 weeks. However this week I have been spotting even on the BC. So I went to the doctor yestery day and they did a sonohist. Everything looked good expect my lining. My lining was really thick and I had little glob of stuff floating around, so they think that at my last period my lining did not shed a enough and that the glogs of stuff is blood (Sorry TMI). However, there is a small chance that it is polps again. So I have begun my Lupron shots last night and in two weeks I go to the doctor for another sonohist and they are hoping that my lining in thinner because I should have one more period before the transfer.

If everything looks good :tup: then I will go ahead and start my stimulation. and have the retrievel and transfer. However, if they think it is polyps then they will still go ahead and do the stimulation and retrievel, but instead of the transfer they would just freeze the embryos and then I would have to have another surgery. :tdown1: So here is crossing my fingers!!! Everybody please cross them with me. Please, please pray for me.:pray:

Tracey and Neil 01-10-09 06:05 AM

Oh Amanda, I really hope that it's not a polyp. I know only too well what uncertainty feels like in an IVF cycle, and I know that you'll be anxious just to not have any hurdles and get on with it all.

I really hope that the Lupron calms your lining down and each scan shows your lining nice and thin, no polyps and your ovaries nice and quiet and calm.