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pearlgirlulm 02-11-09 10:54 AM

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I have been absent on here. I have been on bed rest and feeling so ugggg!!! Anyways, I am back amongst the living. I am so happy that everyone is doing really well.

I think my mom updated everyone pretty good. It was nice having her here because 1) she is my mom and 2) she is a nurse. So if I had any worries she was here. She took really good care of me and also gave me my shots. I much rather have her give them than me. However, i am back to giving them myself. She had to leave this morning :tdown1:. My husband tried to give me a shot once and it was a disaster.

I am just in this two week wait now. I am doing pretty good in it. I don't feel like I am going too crazy yet, but it could be because I have been busy.

I can not wait to here from you Ibentow. I wanted to know how everything went

Tracey and Neil 02-12-09 01:30 PM

Glad you're up and about now hon! Was worried about you!

You are officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), so take it easy, no lifting, no hot baths, no stress!!

Sending you much love and hugs :hug:

Mark'sbabygirl 02-12-09 01:37 PM

Glad to hear you are feeling better and not going too crazy- yet, lol. So EXCITED for you!

Keepers 02-12-09 02:21 PM

Take it easy for the next two weeks, cant wait to hear your news.

lbentow 02-13-09 01:11 PM

hi amanda!

how long were you on bedrest for? i had my transfer on tuesday (2/10) and i only had 2 embryos to transfer. all the others did not divide, so they were 'no good' and i had nothing to freeze. the doctor said we have a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant. i'm pretty nervous because both the doc and i were hoping for more eggs and if we had to do it again, i was not looking forward to the shots again.

are you back to work? my doc recommends staying home until the pregnancy test, which for me is the mon (2/23), but i am planning to go back to work, at least 4 hrs a day, starting tues. that just means i'll be working for 4 days next week, then the pregnancy test. when is yours??

how do you feel? any different, like you're pregnant? i've been home on bedrest just watching the discovery science channel about pregnant women and watching them go through delivery. so i'm sooo hoping this works! :)

my doc only told me to take progesterone vaginal suppositories and vivelle estrogen patches. also, baby aspirin everyday. what are you doing now?

i think i'm more scared/nervous to find out the pregnancy results in two weeks b/c i'm afraid it'll be negative. so i think i'm kinda enjoying this time b/c of the 'possibility' of me being pregnant. sounds silly, i know. my husband wakes up in the middle of the night really happy, thinking he's going to be a father soon! he's the total opposite of me, i'm pessimistic and he's too optimistic.

hope to hear from you soon!