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pearlgirlulm 02-14-09 11:25 AM

Is it weird
that I am not having any symptoms? I mean nothing. I actually feel pretty good. I do not any sore breast, no ms, no cravings...I mean nothing. They have been days where I thought I was feeling a little something but then as the day gets closer to testing I feel better and better.

it kind of freaks me out. I have been tempted to POAS just to prepare myself for the results on tuesday. I mean if it comes up negative then at least I will know.

They only thing that I have been having is some lower back pain and 1 or 2 cramps a day, really powerful cramps. I think I am going crazy

Tracey and Neil 02-14-09 03:10 PM

No, not at all hon. Why do you think that there are women that are 5 months pregnant before they realise they are? Not everyone gets symptoms.

I didn't get m/s until I was 7 weeks, had cramping from about 6 days before OTD (until I was about 10 weeks) and at nearly 20 weeks I still haven't had any cravings!

POAS won't necessarily give you any answers unless it's positive of course. If it's negative it's possible that it might just be too early for the hCG to trigger a positive result. I was sooo tempted to POAS about 4 days before OTD, but I used all my willpower, and resisted. You've come this far hon, you can do it! You can resist. Post all your HPT's over to my house!!

pearlgirlulm 02-14-09 03:40 PM

the good news is that I do not have any HPT at home. I have never been one to buy in bulk. I usually just buy one and that is it. so resisting will be easy. I was just having an insane moment. This waiting is harder than what I thought.

MImom23 02-14-09 05:14 PM

:bighug: I am :pray: you get a BFP on tuesday.

SpitFire86 09-06-10 07:10 AM

I think my wife was over four months when she realized, at least that's what she told me :)