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kidfriendly 02-25-09 06:25 PM

link between IVF and bronchitis
I am posting this question for my bf who just completed her second IVF treatment, both times she got bronchitis right after! Has anyone had that happen? I am wondering if there is a link or maybe the treatments just weakened her immune system. Just trying to gather information as they decide whether or not they will try again.

Tracey and Neil 03-14-09 04:54 PM

I've not heard of any links between IVF and bronchitis. I know lots of ladies who have done many cycles of IVF, and none of them have got any respiratory infections after treatment.

I was prone to bronchitis as a child and had it very bad 3 winters in a row, so it is possible to be more susceptible to it.

Perhaps she should discuss it with her Doctor before starting her treatment cycle, he may prescribe some extra antibiotics as a precaution.

nqhappy1 11-08-12 12:04 AM

I've never heard of a specific link to bronchitis, but there are several other things that may have made her more susceptible to it, i.e., the stress, drugs, and being at a doctors office / hospital a lot. Also lack of sleep can be related to these things.

amanda21 12-29-16 09:47 PM

Yeah. I'm not sure but I heard that long-term bronchitis will prevent you from succeeding in IVF. So before you decide to get IVF, let's clear bronchitis completely.

Anari 09-05-17 08:56 AM

You understand, the procedure of IVF is a kind of stress for the female body, that's why your bronchitis has become aggravated. But here the problem is this, you have not healed it. So, you are not serious about your health. When you decided on IVF procedure, you had to undergo tests and treat all chronic diseases. Because there is no direct connection between the IVF transplantation and the appearance of bronchitis. But maybe you got sick somewhere, when the tests passed. And maybe bronchitis manifested from a nervous state. For example, I often happened, I always fell ill before an important event. Accidentally, not specifically, but it was due to nervous exhaustion. But in my opinion, if the girl has many chronic diseases, then between the IVF procedure and the surrogate motherhood, it is necessary to choose the second. After all, during pregnancy all chronic diseases can become aggravated. And so the surrogate mother will tolerate these problems for you. And you do not have to risk your health. But here you decide. But in any case, you need to raise your level of health before the IVF procedure.