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is your period back to normal after a failed ivf?? Print Version

lbentow 04-03-09 04:15 PM

is your period back to normal after a failed ivf??
hi everybody,

i did my first ivf cycle in early feb and it didn't work. i had my period on feb. 23rd and it lasted about 7 days. my periods are usually pretty predictable, about every 28 days. well, it's april 3rd and i haven't had my next period yet. is this because of the medications from the first failed ivf??

i was going to do another cycle of ivf, and i'm just waiting for my period to start again. i don't want to take a pregnancy test because when i do, it's always negative and my period ends up coming that day or something. has this happened to anyone after a failed ivf??


jlynn1313 07-27-09 05:34 PM

I know its been awhile since youve posted on this thread (i just recently joined), but what ever happened? im curious. My dh and i are trying our first round of ivf in sept.

nqhappy1 11-08-12 12:02 AM

Indeed, I too would also like to know what happened? Usually it's the other way around.

lbentow 11-08-12 12:35 AM

ivf #2 worked
I switched ivf doctors and they had me on all new drugs. I was on birth control pills, lupron (for the longest time), gonal f, and two other drugs i can't remember the name of. its the drug that you have to mix the powder with the liquid and it stings like h*ll when you are injecting it. well, it worked! i had twins, a boy & a girl! they were able to retrieve 9 eggs, and only 6 turned out good. they put 2 inside and froze the remaining 4. the two worked!

dazzyshahu 09-21-17 02:02 AM

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