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1st attempt...ivf Print Version

jlynn1313 07-25-09 06:38 PM

1st attempt...ivf
I was just wondering if there's anyone getting ready or has just started the ivf process? We will be in sept. Would like to visit...i would like to know how you're feeling about everything.


Tracey and Neil 07-26-09 03:00 PM

I just wanted to come over here and wish you lots of luck for your cycle. If you need any advice or reassurance then post here or PM me.

I'll be keeping an eye on you!!

jlynn1313 07-27-09 06:01 PM

I was reading on another board about your whole experience with ivf. I was wondering if you know anymore about ibentow or pearlgirlulm? Did ivf work for either of them?
A question I have is about the drugs. Are there any side effects and what was your experience with them?

jlynn1313 07-27-09 06:04 PM

Oh, and to let you know, im having a physical and a mock transfer on Aug 3rd. I guess the process is beginning.
Its nice to have other ladies to talk too. Sometimes I have so much on my mind and I dont want to dumped it ALL on my dh. Hes a busy man. Thanks again for making time to talk. Your now a busy mom, huh?

jlynn1313 07-29-09 11:52 AM

I'm waiting to hear about my FSH levels. Any idea on what their supposed to be? Anyone?:ashamed: