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goldenmommy 03-08-10 12:57 PM

New here
:)Hello Everyone, I am new to this board but not to fertility treatments. We have done
one DIUI in 2002 (NEG)
IVF in June 06 ( Ended in Tubal Preg)
FET Sept 08 (NEG)
We adopted our son Nov 06 (Newborn)
We are now going back to the fertility center to talk about what we can do next.
I just turned 32 in Jan and my husband is 34.
We have use donor Sperm due to zero count.
No known problems with me.
I want to try DIUI again since it is cheaper and not so intence as IVF.
We pay out of pocket for everything. I really want to try for one more baby. I would love to experiance going through the preg and birth.
Having my son from the day he was born has been a wonderful experiance and I am blessed. But I truley feel I need to do this.
I just know having support with others is important. This is why I have joined the boards.
We go to the doctors on the 22nd of this month. We hope to start an IUI at the end of this month. If all checks out ok. :)

Jennimac 03-08-10 01:56 PM

Good luck. I hope success finds you quickly this time around.

nqhappy1 11-07-12 11:55 PM

Hello and welcome. I too am new here, and so far have found this community to be both helpful and friendly. Good luck!