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Egg donor information? Print Version

countrycutieluv 09-08-10 04:57 PM

Egg donor information?
So after having a few months to sit down and think,I'm really considering going the egg donor route.
It wont be for at min 6months,I need to loose weight,get healthy and have the money in the bank first.
Anybody have any experiance with egg donors? I found out the first RE I went to has an egg donor program that is relativly priced.
I have read up on it alot...but any personal experiances would be great (family/friends).

Thanks in advance Ladies!

nqhappy1 11-07-12 11:53 PM

While I don't have any experience with egg donors, I do with sperm donors. One point to make, and that is to shop around. Not so much for price, but for quality in service, support, etc. This is really one thing you don't want just the cheapest option. So I think your approach of asking here for recommendations is a good one.