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IUI vs. IVF Print Version

Dopey406 05-25-11 10:36 AM

I agree with the ladies that trying with IUI is a good start.

We had two healthy, quick pregnancies--then 5 miscarriages. We proceeded with IUI and conceived on our second round. I don't know where you live, but even with ultrasound monitoring, our IUI cost was only about $1,800/round. That's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than IVF at about $12,000/round.

I would encourage you to try more than one round of IUI, should you need it. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get everything "just right" so stopping after the first try would be selling yourselves short.

Interestingly, our first IUI produced 7 follicles and when I didn't conceive, I was discouraged. Our second IUI produced only 1 follicle so I figured there was NO WAY I'd conceive (because really...if I couldn't conceive with 7 follies, how were those swimmers going to snag only ONE? :thud: ). BUT--that one follicle worked and we now have a 2-year-old son. So never give up hope, even when logic seems to be against you.

Keep coming here for advice and support throughout your process. There are many of us who have walked the path before you and have information and experience to share.


babywishes 05-25-11 12:08 PM

Dopey406, thanks for the advice. I only know one person who has done the IUI and it didn't work out for them. Did you use any medications when you did the IUI? When I do the IUI I will be doing it with medication, so the cost is going to be between $3-4,000. In my husband's mind, 3 failed tries and we are almost at the IVF price. I will be doing all the ultrasound monitoring and such, but I will be driving about 1.5 hours for each appointment. I just don't know what to expect from any of this. I never thought that I would have this much trouble conceiving, I had very normal periods all my life. I like this website for talking to others who have gone through it. Thanks for all the advice, I will be doing my first IUI in the beginning of June.

Dopey406 05-25-11 05:28 PM

Yes, I did Clomid and trigger shots in addition to the ultrasound monitoring. I'm with Jeanne--without the ultrasound monitoring, the chances are much lower.

Best of luck to you.

Mark'sbabygirl 05-26-11 01:47 PM

Remind your hubby that 3 rounds of IUI would equal only ONE round of DH can get caught up in numbers and finacial stuff too. Good luck and keep us posted! I really hope the IUI is all you need!

3Princes 05-26-11 06:48 PM

I used medication-- I did injectible meds, plus a host of other things once, and clomid other times. The first time, I actually forget how many IUI tries I did... maybe 3? The second time it was 2 or 3. Even when I had to pay for all the meds, it was only about 1,000 (and when i say only, I know that's a lot of money, but it wasn't 4k). Usually, if the clinic does it right, they can get partial coverage for the u/s and b/w monitoring because it's part of the diagnosis of the problem "sort of." Meaning, they're monitoring your cycle and hormones to determine the quality of your ovualtion cycle. I never paid for that stuff, and my insurance didn't cover it.
I did the most invasive protocol you can without doing ivf and my cycles were nowhere near that much.