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IUI vs. IVF Print Version

Dopey406 05-26-11 11:03 PM

I agree with Jeanne (3Princes). It was never near $4,000 for us either. The most expensive individual cost for us was the sperm spinning/wash on the day of the insemination and that was $185. Each cycle for us was less than $1,800--and that includes EVERYTHING.

babywishes 05-27-11 12:05 AM

Thanks Ladies, I am hoping that you are closer with price, I would really like the cheaper $ amount. But the price we were quoted was just over $3000. I was told that insurance will not cover any part of it, since all the ultra sounds and medication will be going towards infertility and not diagnosis. I guess the only thing we can do is see how things go. I really am praying for this to work, but at this point I have learned not to hold my breath... Thanks for all the support!

babywishes 06-20-11 03:39 PM

Well... we went ahead with the IUI. We did the insemination on the 15th, and now is just the waiting game... I didn't have a hard time for the first couple days, but now I am driving myself nuts thinking about everything and waiting to find out if the procedure worked. Anyone have any good solutions for passing the time during this waiting time?

Mark'sbabygirl 06-21-11 03:02 PM

Waiting is soooo hard! Good luck to you- I will hope for a sticky bean! Keep us posted!!!

babywishes 06-27-11 07:44 PM

Well the first try of IUI was a failure... big fat negative when AF showed up a day early. I think not getting pregnant when doing the IUI is even harder than it was all the other months... I just don't understand why this won't work! I am struggling to keep a positive outlook and attitude about this. Things for the next couple months don't look promising for planning out the inseminations, vacations that were previously planned... I wish my body would just cooperate.... Sorry for the venting...