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lyric581 12-07-17 02:36 PM

need some suggestion?
Hello everyone. I want to share my story with you all. I hope this will help other aspiring parents avoid making the mistakes I made. I had heard a lot of great things about surrogacy. So, when we decided to have a child, we automatically decided to go for this option. We already knew I couldn't carry a child. I had a heart condition that made it impossible. We started searching for different surrogacy clinics. Our first mistake was to settle for the most economical option instead of the best one. We went to Peru. There we got in touch with a private surrogate. Everything went by smoothly. However, two weeks before delivery, she told us that she had decided to keep the baby. There was nothing we could do. According to the law, she was free to make that decision. Now we are back at square one.

BeckyCruz 01-24-18 06:09 AM

Hello, I know how angry you and your spouse would be. Well, can you name the clinic or any middle party which was involved in the process? As far as I have heard through some colleagues, that when they went through the surrogacy, they signed a proper contract between the surrogate and the couple themselves. She was not paid completely until the baby was not delivered. This is a very unfair act that she showed. If she wasn’t sure to give the baby, why did she said yes for carrying the baby for 9 months? This is against the law, she is not completely the biological mother of the child.

phoeben 06-19-18 08:05 AM

Well, looking for a private surrogate is too risky. She can easily keep the baby. You will have nothing to do with this. The best option for you is to enter the surrogacy program at any medical center you like. The thing is that you will have to sign an agreement. So, you will be protected in any difficult situation. The surrogate won’t be allowed to keep the baby in no way. Also, doctors will take care of everything for you. They will find the most appropriate surrogate for you. She will be 100% healthy and strong enough to carry the baby.
I’ve heard a lot about situations like yours. That’s why I decided to go to the reproduction center, when I decided to use the surrogacy program. They helped me to become a mother without additional problems. We had a great doctor. He was taking a good care of the surrogate and our future baby. So, as a result, our son was born absolutely healthy. The surrogate is not allowed to visit or to contact us. We got our baby right after the delivery.
I believe that if you want to be sure that you would get your baby, you should do it in the right way. Don’t be afraid to spend more money than you could imagine. Your future baby is the most important thing ever. You will never regret that you used the help of the reproduction center. Medicine is very developed today. Doctors are doing their best to help childless couples. Just stay strong and don’t lose your hope. You will become a great mother once. And the sooner you go to the medical center, the faster it would happen. It doesn’t take much time, dear.
I’m very glad that you keep looking for the way to become parents. I really want to support you. I wish you all the best.