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I can never be a mom Print Version

Lara croft 12-10-17 03:16 AM

I can never be a mom
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying good health. My life is in a lot of trouble. I do not know how you people handle things in your life. Every difficult thing has come up to me in a very short time. I was a happy woman just before my heart disease was diagnosed. It changed the entire course and perception of my life. Things are not going well for me at the moment. I can never be a mom because of my disease. That is why I am looking into surrogacy. What do you people think about it? Is it difficult? What are the criteria for the process? Any clinic you would recommend. Kindly fill me in on the answers. So I can also start the process. Thanks.

Christeenamartin 12-14-17 12:59 AM

If you are sure that you cannot conceive then the bet option is surrogacy. There are a lot of clinics that provide surrogate mothers. But before you adopt a surrogate mother do complete all the checkups and ensure that she is perfectly healthy.

Susan007 01-22-18 10:30 PM

Hi, there!
Agree with Christeenamartin.
But also what is important it is your own indications.
Is it possible to stimulate you or do you need an egg donor. And of course you have to be sure that both(egg donor or surrogate mother) have a strong health.
For me and my husband the choise was based on those things.
We found Ukraine, within a agreeable legislation(and the prices - it is a good one story). One of their clinic did a miracle for us 5 years ago.
Three words: quality, negotiability, heartiness.
Try at least to contact them, they situated in Kyiv, biotexcom.