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Default 52 Steps!

Well I finally got the motivation to begin a program of losing weight and being more healthy! I didnít' gain much in college and ran 5 days a week. It was after college sitting in a office chair 8 hours a day that packed on the pounds for me.


A few months ago I checked my weight, which I normally shy away from and was horrified that I was 260! I knew that I needed to get better for my own good, for my wife (and our sex lives), and for the kids.

We recently had a company trip to Naples Fl, and we had a guest speaker who was a nutritionist. His main idea was small steps. He said you're only setting yourself up for failure if you try to completely change everything all at once. He said do one small but significant thing each week. In one year you'll have made 52 positive improvements in your life!

Well three weeks ago I started running again. Two weeks ago I started eating healthier (went from skim milk to almond milk which is 1/2 the fat or skim milk and 60% more calcium and made a conscious effort to reduce eating meat, no snacks or food after the kids are asleep, etc,) This week I quit drinking juice (never liked soda) and switched to sparkling mineral water w/ either a few spoonfuls of juice or some squeezed lemon, lime, or orange (the nutritionist said if you're going to pay for bottled water to get mineral water for the mineral content, and I found San Pellegrino is $12.99 for a case of 12 1L bottles at Samís!).

Iíve been losing about an average of 2lbs a week and weighed in this week at 249. Iím 6í1Ē and Iíd like to ideally be in the 190-205 range. So I still have a while to go, but you have to start somewhere.

Just to reiterate the main point of my post: One small significant change each week equals 52 positive changes per year! My biggest obstacle was feeling overwhelmed with changing my habits and setting unrealistic goals. This approach has really helped me, hopefully it can help someone here too.
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Great ideas! In the last year, I've lost 50-60 pounds and many of those changes are ones I also implemented over time (move more, snack less [especially after dinner], change old meal foods to healthier options, reduce portion sizes, etc.).

I'm sure you'll be at your goal weight in no time!
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I've been trying so hard to lose weight, I lost 40 over the last year and in May, I gained 10 back so I started to kick myself into gear, stop drinking pop and no sweets, so far I've lost 6 lbs in June! I would like to have lost 40 by September 15.
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This is great advice! Great Job on the weight loss!!
I need to lose weight as well. I'm going to have to think about additional changes I can make. I eat very plain with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and only drink water, or decaf tea, limited or no condiments, and I measure everything. No caffeine, no alcohol. I am going to hike a trail for 1 hour each day near our house every morning, so hopefully that will help!! Started yesterday. Would like to lose 25 lbs by Sept.
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That is great Taylor! I really need to get back on track with ANYTHING. Maybe something like this would be easier for me.

I lost about 15lbs while nursing my son and was able to wear clothes I hadn't worn in years. But we stopped that in March. Since then I have gained back 10-11lbs and clothes are getting too snug again. We are going on a family beach vacation next month. I wish I would have started some sort of plan awhile ago so that I could be at my beach-ready best!
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