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  • range range's Avatar 03-28-07 | 05:31 PM
  • What do you ladies eat in a normal day?
    I am having a really hard time finding things to eat....
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 03-28-07 | 06:32 PM
  • Breakfast - I always do cereal with skim milk. I usually only eat the amount for one serving as listed on the box with 1/2 cup of milk. On rare occasions I'll have a yogurt instead of cereal.

    Lunch - I like to eat a burritto, or hot dog, sometimes leftovers (depending on what we had and how many WW points its worth). I love salad with 4 chicken nuggets, cheese and fat free dressing. Sometimes I'll have a sandwhich if we have fresh meat and bread.
    I try to eat fruit during lunch, but I'm not so good at it yet.

    Snack - I always need at least one snack during the day. I like those 100 calorie pack things they sell. They satisfy my salt cravings so those are good. I will also snack on fruit or have a fruit roll-up.

    Dinner - just depends on the day. Usually something with chicken and rice or potatoes. And lots of veggies.

    If I still have some points left over from the day I'll have microwave popcorn
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 03-28-07 | 06:58 PM
  • B - oatmeal and milk
    L - stirfry with asparagus, broccoli, edamame, peas, corn and cabbage with diced chicken breast, scrambled egg and couscous or quinoa (olive oil for sauteeing) - this is like a healthy modified fried rice without the rice - yumyum
    D - whole wheat pasta with 95% lean ground beef meatballs made with oats instead of breadcrumbs and lowfat sauce

    I snack all day long on bananas, grapes, oranges, pears and pineapple, as well as 94% fat free popcorn and skim milk

    I love core - I am never hungry because I eat all day
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 03-29-07 | 10:37 AM
  • My days really vary but usually:

    B - a bowl of dry cereal, a banana, and a bottle of water.

    L - a Lean Cuisine frozen meal and a piece of fruit or a turkey or ham sandwich and a piece of fruit

    D - could be anything - spaghetti with meat sauce and a salad, a chicken and rice dish and a veggie, hamburgers and a veggie, pork chops and stove top and a veggie. . . dinner is my bigger meal to share with my son so I try to limit my portions and cut fat in my receipes when I can