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Great Class!

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  • MomOf4Monkeys MomOf4Monkeys's Avatar 03-19-07 | 12:02 PM
  • I've been taking a Boot Camp class at the YMCA twice a week since November. I really like the class and the instructor is very nice, but I've been getting bored because she's not very creative and while I am frequently sore after her class, it's just mostly the same thing every time.

    Well, she had a hysterectomy last week and is out for a few weeks, so we got a new guy to sub for her. It was an INCREDIBLE workout today. And SOOOOOO much different than what she does. I'm sorry she had to have the surgery, but it sure was nice to change things up a little!
  • range range's Avatar 03-19-07 | 12:57 PM
  • It is nice to change things up then you don't get bored.
    I think that is my problem I tend to do the same things over and i get bored then stop doing it.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 03-19-07 | 01:34 PM
  • Cool! Nothing like a little shake-up to make the workout fun!
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 03-19-07 | 02:27 PM

    Glad you're liking the new routine. Maybe you can find out from the sub if he teaches anywhere else.