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Belly flab? Print Version

Ausman 02-29-16 08:24 PM

Belly flab?
Anyone with good advice on how to get rid of the belly...5 months pp and trying to get some ab strength back...any soaks appreciated

meikahidenori 03-06-16 12:28 PM

I wouldnt stress. it is meant to take some time for your body to heal after having a baby (so hold off tummy crunches just yet) however some gyms do have mums and bubs sessions, check with your maternal health nurse as they might know places where you can gently excersize and spend time with your baby. however dont expect a perfect bod right away, not everyone is a celebrity who uses photoshop in every picture to make them look stunning after birth and it shouldnt be expected. if you give your body time to heal it will turn back to normal.

isabellatryon 03-19-16 12:38 AM

Hi Ausman,
I would say that you should not stress much about the belly fat. Keep it simple. Let it shed naturally. Maintain a well balanced diet and do some gentle exercises. I used to consume a lot of lean protein, veggies, and complex carbohydrates in my diet which helped me lose the fat quite easily and quickly. It is also very important to breastfeed as breastfeeding helps you lose the flab and prevents you from putting on more weight. My day started with cinnamon and cloves water which de-toxicated my body and I used to consume an assortment of nuts throughout the day in small portions. The nuts included almonds, macadamia nuts and pistachios. As part of my breakfast I used to consume macadamia nut muesli bars as they were very healthy and helped lose weight quite rapidly. Also, I used to apply macadamia nut oil to remove the stretch marks and the results were wonderful. I hope this helps.

CatherineFerreira 07-23-16 02:34 AM

I agree with meikahidenori, give some time to heal your body and do not work out heavily. There are many fitness programs like
and cellulite. I suggest you first seek advice from your doctor before joining any fitness program or doing exercise.