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all of a sudden...

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  • brandimichelle brandimichelle's Avatar 01-04-08 | 12:49 AM
  • i didn't know what that was either holly... we are out of the loop
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 01-04-08 | 01:25 AM


    This is what I found on wikipedia...

    I don't know that I have ever had one, I think I might have years ago, anyway, my friend gets them all the time and for some reason I keep thinking about them and that I want one...I probably don't
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 01-04-08 | 08:40 AM
  • I just have this CRAZY urge for chocolate/pastries/ice cream all the time. I had a big bowl of vanilla ice cream last night with that chocolate stuff you squirt on top that gets hard.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 01-04-08 | 08:44 AM
  • weird things.....

    cantelope (I've eaten 2 in a week-- 2 whole ones
    ), grapes, strawberry yogurt (had blueberry and that didnt cut it!), ritz crackers and PB, cinnabons (got one for C and I NEVER eat these-- but honestly, i took a few bites that were heavenly!) and pickles......
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 01-04-08 | 11:54 AM
  • I totally just read your post and thought you said antelope and was like, she is strange, why is she eating Antelope!!!