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Am I letting my head make stuff up?

Am I letting my head make stuff up?

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  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 06-30-09 | 09:38 AM
  • Hey Ladies

    So I got the second blood work back and my loss is confirmed but then yesterday I had weird cramps randomly and right now I feel like I could barf everywhere. Do you think the liklihood is best that my coffee and yogurt arent settling well or is there a chance something weird happened and Im still pregnant? Its kinda weirding me out.
    I think its safe to assume I have issues...hah....any suggestions? Like maybe go buy a preg test at lunch or something just in case? Or forget about it? Every doc I've gone to has been blah down here and I really don't want to go waste money on seeing one again for possibly no reason...
  • 3Princes 06-30-09 | 09:45 AM


    I think that your stomach may just be upset in general. I felt pretty bad for a few weeks after my m/c. Not sure if it was from the m/c itself or just from all I had been through.

    I think the blood tests are pretty reliable--- but if you will feel better doing a pg test, it can't hurt. I know if I'd done that I would have probably burst into tears.

    When was your m/c? Could you have ovulated since then??
  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 06-30-09 | 09:49 AM
  • I think youre right...I just have my nervous ticks..and its like I've kinda gotten it thru my head at this point but still wish it was there ya know. Ill probably do the test just because. I believe I posted the day of the m/c it was not last monday but the monday before...15th i think. I normally have my period like right around now so...Im not sure?
    Its probably going to make me cry too...but now its like consuming me...and I have to go to this stupid database something training meeting for the next two hours and all I'm gonna do is sit there and fidgit I bet..hah.
  • 3Princes 06-30-09 | 09:54 AM
  • Well, whenever you bled with your m/c -- that's day 1. So you could be ovulating.
  • TheWeatherGirl TheWeatherGirl's Avatar 06-30-09 | 11:23 AM
  • wait so that like counted for my period? its not possible im preg again is it?? that quick?? oh goodness im trippin out

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