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Default emg92702

I have seen you posting a bit, I am not sure exactly when you are due, but if you want me to add your due date, guesstimates and all that at the top or participate in TP Tuesday, etc... jump on in. As well, we are planning a playgroup exchange, I am thinking you must be due in April, but probably having the babies in March since it is twins???
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Ok I know I'm butting in ... SORRY! Erin I wanted to ask what kind of camera do you use? The pictures you take of your beautiful kids are always amazing! Did you take a class on photography or just have natural talent?

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OMG! I have 3 kids!
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i want to know the same thing jen! those photos are beautiful...well, the children are beautiful!!
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OMG I have 4 kids! :)
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Sorry ladies! I did just kind of jump in without a warning!

How about an actual intro?

I'm Erin.
My daughter Ava is 3 1/2 and trouble making son Keller is 14 months. We'd been planning to adopt from Africa next and had started the paper gathering process and then found out we were not only unexpectedly pregnant, but OMG it is twins!! So, Ava will have just turned 4 and Keller will be somewhere around 20 months when we have these babies.
Somebody help me keep my sanity!!

Despite the huge change in plans, we feel so fortunate and are very excited about these babies. Also, slightly terrified about ever getting sleep again after they are born.

I'm actually due 3/25. (Farah, I'll stick my stats up on the threads! Thanks!) I have an ultrasound on Thursday to check on a couple of things. Namely whether the babies share a placenta and whether they share an amniotic sac. Most likely they do share a placenta but hopefully they will each have their own amniotic sac. There is a good chance with a shared placenta that they may have to be delivered around 34 weeks, so I may end up having them here much sooner than the end of March!! If they do share an amniotic sac, there are significant risks and only a 50% survival rate, but based on a couple of things we saw at my first ultrasound, I think and hope that isn't the case.

Thank you SO much for the compliments on the pictures of my kids!! Josh and I have a Canon Digital Rebel and a Canon 10D (both digital SLR's) and a handful of different lenses and accessories and have been trying, when time allows, to do some fun things with photography. It is a lot of fun when I can occasionally get my kids to cooperate.

Well, now that I've written a novel
I better run since Ava's calling for help from the bathroom and Keller needs a diaper too!
OMG, what am I going to do when it is all 4 of them needing poop assistance at the same time!

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