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  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 11-21-07 | 11:30 PM
  • Did DH ever make that cobbler for you? If so did it turn out, or are you onto a new craving???
  • holly302 11-21-07 | 11:34 PM
  • sorry! i totally forgot to post about that.

    yes, he did make it...but, i think he goofed on it somewhere...i didnt tell him that though. it was okay, but the topping was more like a biscuit top. i dont know if that makes sense, but it was like a crumbled biscuit on top of fruit. not like a more sweet, crumbly topping.

    the fruit was awesome though.

    now, i am into plain vanilla icecream with pineapple topping and carmalized peanuts. sometimes i put on a little strawberry topping too.
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 11-21-07 | 11:44 PM
  • Do they actually sell pineapple topping and caramalized peanuts in your stores!
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 11-22-07 | 01:43 AM
  • We don't...
    It just amazes me how much different stuff you all have!