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Holly- you are 30 weeks too :)

Holly- you are 30 weeks too :)

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  • ncoles ncoles's Avatar 11-27-07 | 02:41 PM

    you are doing great!
  • holly302 11-27-07 | 04:54 PM
  • a
    thanks everyone. you sure know how to pump someone up!

    it is so crazy to think that December 2nd will mark 2 full months of complete bedrest.

    well, i am being taken off the meds and bedrest on January 6. with my DS, i was taken off the meds on a thursday and delivered him on that sunday. but, like Brandi said, sometimes people can go a long time off the meds and some dont. soo....

    my hope is to deliver her at 37 weeks. on January 11, i would be 36w and 5d and i would like to have her on that day because that is the day that DH and i got engaged a year after we met. or, january 20th would be nice because that was my late grandmother's bday. anyway, as long as she is healthy she can come anyday!

    thanks again for all of the encouragement. sometimes i think i am going stir crazy. but, you all are great and you make me feel that im not soo alone afterall.