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im in trouble with DH...

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  • holly302 10-11-07 | 04:56 PM
  • when i first went on bedrest, DH was trying to make me feel better about it by saying that at least we would be saving money because i wont be out and about and able to buy anything....

    then i met Ebay...

    DH was home when CP delivered...of course, DS needed winter clothes..i was able to get him 2 pairs of nice jeans, 4 polos, 2 long sleeved ringer tees, a pair of shoes, and one onsie for Lola and a sleeper as well...all of that, + shipping and it only cost me a little under $100 bucks. DH was okay with that....

    until the doorbell rang again...

    then my ebay stuff came in...and there are more and more to follow. DH asked me how much $ i have spent lately and i told him that i would never tell! i then said that it is totally Farrah's and Jen C and Diane's fault...they are the ones who told me about Ebay..

    that didn't fly too well with him...oh well.

    so, my Boppy came in (NWT purple mink/chenille) and then the GAP sleepers in various girlie and neutral colors...

    and soon, my Philosphy lotion/bath wash/perfume that i absolutely LOVE will be in....

    and then the CP gowns/sleepers....and then the Pink Papasan chair that Brandi and i both want...and then the boys shoes.

    and then the wall letters for Lola's room....and the some other personalized items...with her name on it, etc.

    IM SOOOO BORED!! i can;t help it...BUT, in my defense...all of the things i have purchase cost me much less than they would have in normal department stores...

    did i mention that i am bored?
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 10-11-07 | 05:28 PM

    Sure blame it on us, soon he is going to take away your internet access and ban you from TBC and seeing us

    Seriously though, if I was on bedrest I would be doing the same thing, cuz I seem to be at the mall daily buying something or another!
  • Emery Emery's Avatar 10-11-07 | 06:30 PM


    I spent 6 months on bedrest and my DH would come home and see the credit card out by my laptop and roll his eyes.
  • wantabelly wantabelly's Avatar 10-11-07 | 06:57 PM
  • Oh boy, you are starting to sound like me. I call it retail therapy. It works well for boredom, depression, just about any emotion!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 10-11-07 | 07:23 PM
  • yes- retail therapy is what you need right now

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