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Size matters......

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  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 10-10-07 | 10:22 PM

    I still don't understand how people get away with making comments like "oh, are you sure there's not 2 in there??"......a girl at work said that to me, and she's about 100lbs overweight and nonpregnant, so doesn't she know how sensitive of a matter it can be??? I so don't get it.............I went looking at the belly picture galleries online to see if I was huge and I'm definitely no bigger than the majority of girls in those I think the next time someone says something like that to me, I'm going to say "actually, I'm measuring small for my dates, but thanks for making me FEEL fat"..........just so they know how truly unappreciated their comments are!!!!

  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 10-10-07 | 10:28 PM
  • I just realized how bad that title sounds!
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 10-10-07 | 10:33 PM
  • I had to wonder when I read the title

    I am sorry that someone is so insensitive, little comments like that get very annoying... I would definetely have some choice words next time!
  • ~babywanted~ ~babywanted~'s Avatar 10-10-07 | 11:50 PM
  • That was insensitive. Funny/sad how people think that being pg gives them permission to comment. Otherwise, they usually keep their mouths shut. Sorry you had to hear that.

    And, yeah the title caught my eye too
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 10-11-07 | 07:39 AM
  • GREAT title Jenni!

    People are so rude and you'll probably just keep getting those stupid comments from stupid people. Sorry!!! I really like your comback though - that's perfect. When I was pregnant with Cora and working as a bank teller we had one lady who came in probably once a week who was so incredibly rude. She would ALWAYS tell me how huge I was, that I waddled, and even imitated me waddling around. When I had 2 months left she started making comments about how I looked like I was going to pop at any second. I just wanted to