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those of you with other kids

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  • 3Princes 08-17-09 | 04:25 PM
  • I am feeling guilty. It's been SO HOT these past few days and the kids want to be outside, but I'm just so uncomfortable out there! We have been going swimming for maybe an hour or so but just getting us ready, out the door, etc, I'm tired by the time we get there! Plus I'm by myself with them so Im managing both of them in the water on my own. They're pretty well-behaved but I'm tired! Did I mention I'm tired!?

    Are you tired? How are you managing in this heat?
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 08-17-09 | 09:14 PM
  • The heat is horrible here too! And my AC in my car is broken (it is going in tomorrow!). I have been taking Erin to the store-she will walk nicely with me if I go for short errands and we can get some energy out in the AC of a store. The only problem is that the places have to be very close by or we are both roasting by the time we get to the store! I give her a large cup of ice water in the car so she can stay cool back there (the ac in my car gives out a little cool air but it only reaches me!) We went to a store 10 minutes away today and she was soaked to the skin by the time we got home today! I hope they fix it soon!!

    Oh and to answer your main Q, I am SOOOO TIRED too! Dh is so sick of hearing me say that! I have found that getting a little exercise is helping a bit. I went to swim laps at the HS pool tonight and I have an energy boost.
  • osrasi osrasi's Avatar 08-18-09 | 10:23 PM
  • I have been pretty tired for a lot of the summer....we manage a trip to the playground or park in the mornings then home for an afternoon nap. DD still has a 3 hour nap and DS is great at playing on his own so mommy can lay down.

    Thank god for an A/C house that offers a bit of comfort (although our summer really hasn't been overly hot but it's nice to have it on the days when it did go into the 30's.)

    I'm trying to enjoy the last few days of summer break as we go back to a pretty busy schedule next week and I'm sure I won't get the benefit of a daily nap.