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A work in progress!

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  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 12-05-08 | 11:42 PM
  • The nursery that is. But it's getting there! It's so cute! I do have a delimma though...someone gave us a used crib (but it's exactly what I wanted and it's in perfect condition) anyway, I looked it up and it's being recalled for the possibility of one of the crib slats breaking and becoming a strangulation hazard....but no child has died, just a few have been bruised and there's acutally only been a few reports of the breaking. BUT they don't make this crib anymore. SO does it make me a bad mom if I don't do the recall? I really think I'd notice if the slats were fragile or going to break...right? And even so, do I really have to worry about it until he's pulling up on them?
    I'm probably going to get hate mail for this one. LOL

    Anyway, here are some pics!
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  • Izabel+1 Izabel+1's Avatar 12-06-08 | 03:18 AM
  • NO no hate mail on my account!LOL! by the way u look adorable and ur making me jealouse with the progress u made on the room! I had my daughters crib that was recalled and it turned out to be the best thing ever! after she used it all up I gave it to my best friend and she used it and now she gave it to her sister and so far so good! I think to be honest its your judgement call..... I dont see it making u a bad mom and ull be watching the baby like a hawk anyways so u would know if something were up!
Thank you Izabel+1!
Mrs.Emily (12-06-08)
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 12-06-08 | 09:27 AM
  • The room looks beautiful. I'm not sure what I would do in the recall situation, but I certainly would not be giving you hate mail. Baby furniture is expensive and if you have something perfectly good, you want to use it. It also seems to me that we recall in this country for some of the smallest things sometimes.
Thank you amitrat!
Mrs.Emily (12-06-08)
  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 12-06-08 | 09:52 AM
  • Haha, Izabel, don't be jealous. It cost me a month's worth of nagging, a case of beer and then a night of not complaining when my husband and his friend stayed up all night one night drinking beer and moving furniture while I TRIED to sleep! LOL
    I woke up the next morning and his friend was asleep on the couch and the crib peices were all spread out and I said "Did you guys get too tired to do the crib?" and my husband looked at me and grinned and said "Nope. Had a few too many beers!" LOL
    He said that they decided that something the baby was going to sleep in needed to be put together while they were sober....LOL. I thought that was hilarious. At least he was thinking safety first!!!!
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 12-06-08 | 11:40 AM

    The baby's room is adorable! My 14 dd is jelous of the room.She love's the color combination.
    About the crib recall,I totally understand where your coming from and no hate mail.
    The story thats so my many beers but at least they got something done.You look so cute!
Thank you countrycutieluv!
Mrs.Emily (12-06-08)