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brandimichelle 10-02-07 03:14 PM

And the baby is....









A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is totally vertex now and had her legs spread wide apart! She just needed a vacation! Totally saw two slits and no weenie, she was moving around like crazy!! Lots of reassurance since I've not felt her move yet!

Her name is Avery Claire

holly302 10-02-07 03:18 PM

and i absolutely LOVE her name...very cute. i am so glad that you feel better about her well being too...

congrats to you and Mike!
how does he feel knowing he has a little girl on the way?

brandimichelle 10-02-07 03:21 PM

I called him and this was our conversation:

"hey i went and got scanned"
"you did what?"
"i got scanned, they saw the baby"
"it's a girl!"
"aaaaaaaah little avery claire"

he was very happy!!!!

Bethann73 10-02-07 03:22 PM

:grin: Congrats!!!

holly302 10-02-07 03:24 PM

ahhh, that is too cute!

im super happy for ya!

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