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  • islagrl 11-05-08 | 10:22 PM
  • Im 4wks and 2days to be exact, and i'm extremely exhausted at the end of the day, more than the norm. Anyone feeling me? Or is it too early for me to experience this?
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 11-06-08 | 02:57 PM

    not at all....everyone deals with pregnancy differntly and while some get every symptom others get none. There is a lot going on in your body despite you not being able to notice a change externally in your body which causes the tiredness...listen to your body and rest.
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 11-13-08 | 03:47 AM
  • Early on it was hard for me to tell, because all the drugs I took for IVF gave me side effects, so it's been hard to know which are being pregnant (ooh still gives me shivers to write that!) and IVF drugs.

    But I'm 6w 1d today, and there are some signs which there are no mistaking, like the tiredness, and all-day 'morning' sickness.

    I bless every day I have them. I've waited 10 years to feel this rubbish!
  • AmandaTerry519 11-30-08 | 04:20 PM
  • well I am only about 4w and I NEVER nap during the day and yesterday I took 2 naps and still went to bed extremely early!!
  • Eskie Eskie's Avatar 12-01-08 | 02:28 AM
  • Everyone feels it differently. Just rest and help your body by drinking more water than you can imagine and rest.... and rest.