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Default Who to tell and when

So I thought I'd do a little survey. Who is waiting, who is telling the world? If you have other children how and when are you going to spring it on them? What about parents and other realitives who don't live close?

I'm so torn. I feel like I need to tell my parents in person but they live 2000 miles away and it will be early spring before I see them. I think the holidays are a perfect time to announce but DH thinks it's too soon. There are also people I know who will be very negative. What's a good response to nosy/insensitive people?
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Thank you alb526!
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I think the holidays is a good time,if you feel comfortable.With the negative people,I just laid it on the table and walked away.My MIL was like that oh and my SIL.She is due any day and well her and my mil things thats all the baby they need.
My kids know,my ds was the one to confirm the line cause I thought I was seeing things.My dd is thrilled and well my ds told his dad(my e
.My mom however doesn't know? She has been up at my grandmothers property and well I don't want to tell her over the phone.I guess we may have to take a trip up there this weekend
My friends know,so I think we got everybody covered.I sure hope the telling of people goes well for you.
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Thank you countrycutieluv!
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I am so glad we are posting, I am ready to get the pregnant party started!! WOHOO!!!

Who have I told: DH! I told my mom in person over dinner with a card, and then called my BF and told her on the phone. They were both very excited and supportive!

Who to tell next: We feel led to tell people, I am just nervous for some reason, and I also like just 'knowing' and having an amazing secret between DH and I! I though of Christmas, but not sure what I want to do. I will be telling my dad and siblings in the next couple of weeks (none live near me, so I feel it 'safe' news!).

My inlaws: I will let DH figure that one out. His mom will be happy, his dad has told us repeatedly we don't need anymore! But he is an amazing grandaddy and will love this one to pieces also

My BIL and SIL: Well they can't keep a secret, so when we do tell we need to be ready to tell the world!

Kids: They MUST know before the world. But they are young (5 & 7) and I am debating telling them on Christmas.

I am also a teacher, and do not plan on telling the faculty or students until sometime in January when we come back from break.
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Thank you hopetobemomofthree!
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Well, I think about everyone in my daily life knows by now. Being we found out the day before Thanksgiving we'd plan to wait til Thanksgiving to tell our families but just couldn't wait so they found out the same day we did. Also, my close friends know and most of my coworkers and manager. But then again everyone knew we were doing fertility treatments.
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Thank you hopeful7!
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We were pondering the same thing, and even though I will only be around 9 weeks, we are going to tell our families at Christmas. I may HAVE to tell my BF though! I kind of like the thought of the "secret" as well, hehehe, and am nervous too since it is still so early. As far as co-workers and such- I think I will wait until we get back from Christmas break (2nd week of Jan as I am a teacher)- that would be fun news to come back with!
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Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
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